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HWMR LTD. is a manufacturer's representative providing sales, marketing and technical support for industrial process control instrumentation products.

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Validator 2000

kayelogoKaye is the leading producer of thermal validation systems (Validator 2000, Digistrip, dry baths and intelligent standards) to improve productivity, ensure quality and reduce costs. Kaye has delivered over 15,000 systems to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies worldwide. Website: click here

Kaye ValProbe

ValProbe wireless process monitoring from the leader in process validation. The ValProbe system uses a wireless probe design that eliminates the need for hard-wired sensors. Monitor temperature range from 60 to 360 C°. Pressure to 5 Bar. Humidity 20% - 95% RH. Complies with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11. Website: click here

Kaye RF ValProbe

The Kaye RF ValProbe integrates breakthrough RF Mesh technology with the well established thermal validation insitu loggers from Kaye. The RF ValProbe system is comprised of RF wireless loggers, a base station and software. The loggers provide high accuracy measurement of temperature, humidity, and any 4-20 or 0-10V output. The software provides ease of use, by incorporating features such as self-configuring of the mesh network and automatic data collection. Extensive graphing, reporting and calculation capabilities minimize data analysis and provide regulatory compliant reports. Website: click here


The LabWatch system is a complete solution for critical stability, environmental, and facility monitoring applications. Designed specifically for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, LabWatch integrates high quality Kaye sensors and I/O hardware with networked PCs into an easy-to-use turn-key solution that is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. LabWatch combines precise monitoring with effective alarming, hassle-free reporting and secure data collection for improved productivity and operating efficiency. Website: click here

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